Kid's Experience

Younger visitors have the option to explore The Witch in the Wild West, an adventure of the mind designed for players between the ages of 4 and 10. A game master guides them in the room as they explore the old west filled with puzzles, spells, and clues.

The Witch in the Wild West

The Witch has decided to travel to the Wild West in search of the BIGGEST and BEST tumbleweeds for her holiday brew. She has been traveling along the desert on her horse when she gets caught in a large dust storm and loses her wand! The players must help her find her wand as well as find the answers to a few other objectives in order to win.

For The Witch in the Wild West, we modified and reworked Betrayal at High Noon to introduce the fun of escape rooms to the little ones. If your child or any players in the party group has already played Betrayal at High Noon, please let us know before purchasing a game.

Break Through Reno kids experience: Includes a 1 hour game in The Witch in the Wild West guided by a game master in the room. Price $28 per player or a $180 flat fee for larger groups (maximum of 10 children per game)

To book or for any further questions, please e-mail us at or call us at 775-393-9882.